“Great professionals do not create followers! They create great professionals”


It is necessary to innovate, do things differently, train professionals who stand out, enhance spaces that assert themselves for excellence," - Rui Mota Pinto

Rui Mota Pinto as always been a defender of a professional and specialized industry. In 2017 he felt the need to create a place where he could share is knowledge, train other professionals, and offer to the market an innovative and unique platform for professional growth. The WeddingLab by Rui Mota Pinto was born boosting the industry growth through consultancy, training and mentoring.

Rui Mota Pinto finds here a space where he shares his experience and know-how, adapted to the needs of each professional in an innovative way and with the passion that has always identified him and his work

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“I have been a wedding planner for 9 yeras and i just finished my lab and workshop. I just can say this has been a very full filling experience.
Rui is great and having sessions and learning from him has been one of the greatest experiences as a wedding planner. So happy to have taken this lab. I did not want it to end.”

Belen Esquivel

Wedding Planner


Inspire, Share, Impact

One of the biggest passions of Rui is to share is knowledge and inspire other professionals with a creative mind and a unique vision of a “wedding experience”.

Ruí´s speakings are an experience.

Engaging, provocative, creative and “out of the box”, reflecting his personality, his vision and his work.

In his presentations and appearances you will enter in an immersive thinking, and discover that weddings don t need to be always the same and limited to trends or protocols. They can also be a space for creation.

“Inspiring: it's the word I want to highlight here and it fits perfectly, like a glove, to WedxdingLab and, invariably, to Rui, my dear Rui - if inspiring was to have you as jpart of my growth, and part of the evolution of other more colleagues , in Portugal and abroad, imagine how inspiring your energy is, and it's you, it's you, for this result.
I've already told: I'll be forever grateful to you - Rui - for this 2020, incredibly, so happy; and by your will, it was for your encouragement - I did my best, continued to do so: thank you - for everything, thank you!.”

Ana Sofia Lopes

Wedding Planner