Joana & Pedro

“Million dreams - the show”

A love, a passion, a desire, a dream, a celebration party! This is the motto for “Million Dreams - The Show”.

Inspired by the movie “The Great Showman”, the concept was created based on the movie's soundtrack and the couple love story.

The whole concept was created on these bases: A journey of dreams and emotions as your life has been - full of adventures, journeys and dreams. Something without limits!! Something magical, spectacular.

A concept summed in the phrase "the noblest art is the one that makes others happy"

Where surprise and imagination merge. Where animation and joy come together. Where passion is represented through sounds, colors, movements, images!

More than a Concept, this wedding was a little show! An ode to love and passion transposed to reality through a wedding party.

And because in the end, just like life, a wedding is a show, “Million Dreams - The Show” was born