Cristina & Rui

“Unleash The Steam - The Post Apocalyptic Wedding”

Imagine a time when the predominant technology is steam, not electricity. An era where there are technological breakthroughs and incredible creations of the time such as steam robots, turbines and "mad scientists". Remember the imaginary of Julio Verne and the Victorian Era. When everything seems to evolve comes the apocalypse!

The environment is now post apocalyptic! Steam and fire are of even greater importance now and water is a precious commodity. A world where one lives with what is left, with what is caught, with post-apocalyptic madness.

Everything seems to be crazy, everything is lived to excess, in a world where love, madness and violence live side by side.

Elegance is made of elements that have resisted the time and materials created of various elements. Victorian skirts, goggles, masks, leather pieces,

chains all serve to create the "vogue" of this new reality. The fun is made of excess, absurd and rock & roll.

A concept inspired by SteamPunk and an apocalyptic vision of what a marriage of "the past would have been if the future had happened earlier"

This was the vision i had for this couple. a Steam Punk Wedding totally personalized to them with my vision of what a Post Apocalyptic Wedding would be.