Imagine yourself in a world of wonder, of music, of rhythm, of artists. Imagine a world were the best ideas are yet to be created! 
I have a passion for art. A special passion for music and performing art. My pure essence is to create and draw each wedding from scratch reflecting my vision of each couples Love Story. With a title, a script, actors and public, my weddings represent the uniqueness of love in a  creators vision of each couple and their story. 
Welcome to a world were your wedding is created from a blank sheet having as main reference your story. 
Over the years my Concept Weddings made me  a great creator and designer of unique weddings, having a  personal identity and  style. Knowledge, creativity, talent, experience, security and responsability. This is what my couples expect from me. My absolute best!
My aim is to create unique and  original concepts and ideas, transporting all guests to a unique world were they experience memorable and WOW moments they will keep in their memories forever. More then just a party my weddings are Experiences of senses! More then a planner  I am like a composer and a maestro. More then just planning  I create and direct weddings to make them as memorable as your story is!  

More than

planning weddings...

I create weddings!

Creator | Planner | Mentor | Speaker | Educator | Consultant

Internacional Awarded and Certified Wedding Planner

"when you put together infinite creativity and a proactive entrepreneur, the chances are real that you will have Rui as the result! He has an incredible professional background as a wedding planner and his concepts are spot on. He is a game changer in all creative process in the wedding industry to make the events not only beautiful but with character and out of the box.”

BELIEF International Wedding Creators Community

Creator & Planner

Rui Mota Pinto is  a prominent Wedding Planner in Portugal, recognized worldwide and leader in the wedding industry  for over 28 years.

He is a wedding specialist creating unique weddings that truly reflects the love story of each couple. With a creative  and conceptual vision  of a wedding celebration, Rui weddings are full of emotion, color, rhythm and “wow” factor. From entertainment, flower decor, design, lighting and production everything is carefully produced to tell your story and to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

From all over the world couples look for Rui to create their unique Destination  Wedding in Portugal.

From all over the places couples look for Rui to create their concept wedding as no one else can.

Rui believes  that a wedding is an experience of senses and must surprise and exceed all the expectations of the guests.

“To say that the realization of our marriage was a challenge is an understatement. We married in August 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to make our situation even more difficult, my current husband is a non-European foreigner (and, unfortunately, marrying a foreigner in Portugal is quite simply a bureaucratic hell in which nobody knows how to proceed or what to do).   So, I say with all my confidence, if it weren't for WP Rui Mota Pinto, we would never have been married this year.  Basically, our wedding date was always unknown (although we already had the bases previously decided), and with only 2 weeks in advance we managed to prepare our wedding party. More: it was not just any party. It was exactly the wedding I had always imagined and dreamed of since I was a little girl,  I couldn't have wanted anything more!  Rui is always available and ready to help, recommends different types of suppliers depending on the style, but also the price we are willing to spend, and takes the weight off the extra concerns that we would have without him present. 

Conclusion: I think so, it is worth hiring a WP, and not just any one; if you are considering whether this service is worth it, it is, and the right person to prepare your wedding will be WP Rui Mota Pinto

Rita & Fuyi

Creating Weddings is my true passion!

I love what i do! 

Rui Mota Pinto

“Nous avions choisi Rui comme wedding planner pour notre mariage et nous n’avons pas été déçus ! 

Nous sommes un couple de français qui désirions se marier avec le thème années folles à Lisbonne. Il nous a confectionné un mariage de rêve, un véritable conte de fées. Chacun de nos invités est reparti en nous disant qu’ils avaient voyagé dans le temps et l’espace et que cela avait été le mariage le plus beau et le plus parfait auquel ils ont assisté.  Rui est le plus incroyable des professionnels au Portugal et il a quelque chose qui le distingue des autres : la passion du mariage.  C’est pourquoi il n'y a pas de comparaison possible et c’est pour cela aussi qu’il a continué à nous surprendre à chaque seconde passée avec lui.      Ça a été un véritable plaisir de travailler avec lui. Si vous lui faites confiance, vous aurez le mariage le plus heureux et le plus serein possible. 

Merci Rui pour ton travail, pour ta créativité et surtout pour la belle âme qui t’anime chaque jour.”

David & Loic



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Just share your dreams, tell me your wishes and let me create your wedding just as you envision! Let´s surprise your guests, exceed expectations! My purpose is to tell your love story and create outstanding and lifetime memories!