About Rui Mota Pinto

Rui Mota Pinto

“More than planning weddings I create weddings”

Rui work begins with a blank sheet, and all his weddings are like a script of a love story
Like a book ... A BOOK OF LOVE!
With characters, actors, arguments and readers!

A creative vision of a love story trough the eyes of the creator.

Rui loves to travel, loves the sea, and he loves all kind of entertainment shows but with a special love for Cirque du Soleil. All these influences are part of his creations. For Rui there are no limits on how he creates a wedding. He always aims for outstanding weddings that exceed expectations.

He is the Founder and Creative Director of the international wedding project Pop Up Weddings Destinations and the Founder and Education Director of WeddingLab by Rui Mota Pinto were he developed a mentoring program for Wedding Planners, trains and consults wedding. professionals and venues and speaks worldwide in conferences and professional meetings.

Rui is the most awarded Portuguese Wedding Planner and he is an active member of multiple international associations and communities. Impact Creator at Belief Wedding Creators, President of the Portuguese Chapters of the I.A.D.W.P. and IWPA , member of ABC, certification jury at NWC and member of IADWP

“Like life a wedding is like a show...it must be enjoyed to the fullest”

Rui Mota Pinto

The beginning

At the age of 19 Rui opened is first event and marketing company, starting doing small weddings. 5 years later. he went to New York to specialized himself in Wedding.Planning and since then he dedicated is career exclusively to creating outstanding weddings.

Today he is an internationally awarded wedding planner and his concept weddings are recognized all over the world.

Since 2019 Rui is also mentoring wedding planners with is Mentoring Program, training wedding professionals in his own educational project and in the international Hosts Academy and consulting wedding professionals and venues, as well as speaking in conferences, seminars and professionals meetings sharing his experience and knowledge.

“A Dream Come True! All it took was meeting Rui for the first time to realize that our day would go beyond all imaginable limits.

The dedication, professionalism, commitment, availability and dedication that Rui lends daily to his work is impressive.

He exudes passion for his profession, it's obvious that he loves what he does, and he's incredibly meticulous in every detail and in every preparation.

It clearly demonstrates that your entire CV with over 25 years of experience gives you a giant standout in relation to the rest.

In addition to all this and all his work, throughout the process, Rui was always, but always available, whatever the time, whether to help us, or to "magic" our day.

It's really difficult to express such a remarkable gratitude comparable to what it was like to experience this whole process and our wedding day.

That said, it remains to be said that we recommend Rui service and experience, without the slightest doubt!”

Joana & Pedro

“I do not believe in impossible ideas. Sometimes they just need to be adapted or reorganized. But everything is possible”

Rui Mota Pinto


Rui Mota Pinto is the most awarded Portuguese Wedding Planner and his Concept Weddings have been recognized all over the world in the past years as a reference of creativity, excellence and irreverence.

Rui as been awarded

1 time for Best Decoration Company at World Destination Weddings and Romance Travel Awards | 19 times at the International Belief Wedding Creators Awards | 3 times at Local Rounds at International Wedding Awards | 3 times at Country Rounds at International Wedding Awards | 5 times at ZIWA Wedding Awards from Zankyou You| 8 times at casamentospt Awards

We began "wedding planner shopping" before the pandemic. We interviewed a total of 7 wedding planners, but Rui was the obvious choice to go with. He demonstrated great professionalism, honesty, and attention to detail (just to name a few reasons!). Wedding planning on its own is stressful, but then the Covid-19 pandemic began and you can multiply the stress by 100. This would have been a horrible situation, but thankfully we had Rui and he was wonderful. He handled these stresses and uncertainties with the utmost professionalism. He gave us so much confidence and made us feel comfortable and at ease with everything. Ultimately, he managed to throw us the most beautiful wedding we ever could have imagined, with a much shorter notice and a huge change in circumstances.

Rui really took the time to get to know us. Taking this extra step went SO far with how our wedding turned out - it was like he knew us and our taste, likes, and dislikes better than we knew ourselves. We told Rui what was important to us from the first day - good food, good music, and a fun time. We are "simple" people that appreciate minimalism, incorporating nature, and clean, elegant decorations. You could tell that everything Rui did for us and this day, he kept those important details at the forefront. Rui made executive decisions when he needed to, and they always matched our taste PERFECTLY. We put our full trust and confidence in Rui, and he amazed us and all of our guests.. Rui is a problem solver and made our wishes come true, from small details to big details. He even made our wishes come true before we realized we even had those wishes! He had a solution to everything and was so prepared.

We feel so lucky that we had Rui plan our wedding. Rui is an award-winning wedding planner and it shows - with every detail, every interaction we had, and ultimately the seamless execution on the wedding day, I can confidently use the word "PERFECTION!" (And that's crazy to think about as we were in the middle of a pandemic!!). We thank you so much, Rui, for your hard work and your passion, and for creating a beautiful story out of our wedding from start to finish. Thank you!!

D & Huda, September 10, 2021

Huda & Dhulnun

Recognitions, Certifications & Community

Knowledge and experience are the key for you to have an amazing day, filled with creativity, safety and security.
Rui is always improving my skills, learning and updating my knowledge to offer you the best day you can imagine. Because you deserve the best of me!


Internacionaly Certiied Wedding Planner | Wedding Tourism Specialist | I.A.D..W.P Portuguese Chapter President | Tourism Renaissance World Tourism Summit Ambassador| Mentor at Hosts Academy | I..W.P.A Portuguese Chapter President | Wedding Council New York Certification Jury | Featured at DWP | Featured at Arabia Weddings | Featiured at New York Times |


Certified Wedding Planner by Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) | Belief Wedding Creators Impact Creator | Certified Wedding Planner by National Wedding Council | UNVEILED Founding Member| I.A.D.W.P member | I.W.P.A member A.B.E.R. G.T.O. Associación Honorary Member


Two + Us Portugal Ambassador

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