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Maureen & Edmund

Destination Wedding - Lisbon

A mixture of cultures, a passionate love story, a beautifuk couple and an outstanding venue.

These are the perfect ingredients for an u forgetable wedding.

Maureen and Edmund came fr9m Las Vegas, with roots in middle east for this outstanding wedding filled with music, rythm, traditions and cultural elements.

What a show!

Brittany & Adrian

Destination Wedding - Lisbon

An overwhelming scenario was the background for Britanny & Adrian love story.

They came from the USA to live a Portuguese experience filled with heritage and tradition.


Destination Wedding - Lisbon

When you join an Armenian bride with a Lebanese groom the result can only be outstanding.

This lovely and beautiful couple chose Portugal to celebrate their love and the day was unforgettable.

What a party!

”Love Rhythm” is one of those concept that defines exactly what this day was all about: rhythm, love and fun!

“أحبك تحت الأفق”

Destination Wedding in Dubai

A beautiful love story, an outstanding scenario were the ingredients for fantastic Destination Wedding in Dubai.

“A & G In The Sky of Love”

Destination Wedding in Puebla - Mexico

Ana is Portuguese and George is Mexican.

This beautiful couple joined 2 cultures in the skies of Puebla to celebrate their love under the stars and embraced by Mexican sounds and vibes.

A voyage under the stars with love as inspiration.

“Flourishing Love”

Flowers have been part of Diogo life since day one. Since he met Carolina their love kept growing and this amazing wedding was inspired in their love and in their complicity and passion and showcased some stunning floral decor.

Like flowers their love keeps flourishing in a beautiful love story.  

“Destination Love #herewego”

Destination Wedding Lisbon

Huda and Dhulnun celebrated their beautiful love story in a venue full of tradition and heritage. They came form Canada and brought guests from all over the world to feel the pure Portuguese soul in a beautiful and very animated day.

“Roaring - the ritzy wedding”

Destination Wedding - Sintra

David & Loic came from France to celebrate their love in an fantastic 1920´s inspired concept wedding.

“Passionate, Roaring, Sizzling, Emotional, Gentle, Elegant.

ROARING. represents the Passionate, fun, vibrant side of David & Loic. V A booming, vibrant, noisy, passionate, crazy adventure. Basically a ROARING ADVENTURE! But at the same time Loic and David are an elegant, charming and seductive couple, and having the 1920s as the basis of this whole concept RITZY because it was the word that was used to define the very elegant things in the Crazy 1920s.

ROARING - THE RITZY WEDDING is all that and so much more….


Destination Wedding

Rita & Fuyi came from Thailand for an unforgettable celebration where love, beauty and calmness were always present. They are passionate about Japan.

This Concept was created in 2020 after the beginning of the Corona Virus Pandemic. it is also a mirror of what I was feeling at that moment in life and all happening in the world.

Cherry blossoms are very fragile and last for a very short time, about two weeks, so these little gems of nature, in their short life, leave a very beautiful message: it is necessary to enjoy life intensely, as time passes quickly and we never know what can happen tomorrow. “Blossom” was inspired in these nature wonder.

“Purity - the story of an unexpected Love”

Love is Love!…

The story of Joana & André is one of those stories that we feel passionate about. Unexpected but at the same time almost like logical: Love happens when we less expect and with persons that at the ofirst glance have nothing to do with one another. But that is the beauty of love! That is the beauty of this story! Two different persons that have so much in common! “Purity - The Story of an Unpexpected Love” tells this love story. In a simple but beautiful way. We’re we can found the nature elements and irreverence of Joana mixed with Andre elegance and formalism. “Purity” represents the harmony of this unexpected love.

Surrounded by nature and it’s elements the day was unforgettable.

“Unleash The Steam - The Post Apocalyptic Wedding”

Cristina & Rui had an amazing Steam Punk Wedding totally personalized to a vision of what a Post Apocalyptic Wedding would be.

This was the challenge: to make a Steam Punk Wedding totally personalized to them with mine vision of what a Post Apocalyptic Wedding would be.

A concept inspired on my apocalyptic vision of what a marriage of "the past would have been if the future had happened earlier"

“Welcome to our show”

Destination Wedding - Lisbon

Josiane & Bruno a Brazilian and Angolan couple, choose the fabulous Convento do Beato to celebrate their love story in an outstanding wedding, with a Concept that joined a mixture between the classing and modern, a show and wow factor and a connection to the roots of the couple.

From the Animation, to the wow decor, to the food everything was created to offer to the guest an incredible experience of all senses.  

“Million dreams - the show”

Destination Wedding

Joana & Pedro came form Belgium to make their dreams come true in this “The Great Shoman” inspired concept.

This amazing day can be resumed in the phrase “The noble of arts is the one that make people happy.

This was a Show of a Love!

This was the Show of a Passion!

This was the Stage of a Dream!

“Prohibition Swing”

Destination Wedding

Veronica and Pedro came from Brazil and their love was celebrated in this Twenties wedding inspired concept.

They wanted "Great Gatsby" to be an inspiration but always with the idea of not wanting to make a full wedding with that line so close to a "Gatsby Wedding".

An elegant, seductive and rhythmic concept. A mixture between something forbidden (Prohibition) and something desirable, rhythmic and intense that is represented in a word (Swing) "

A concept that in itself contained a "fury of living" that so much identifies the "Crazy Twenties"

“25 Years wedding celebration”

Manuela and Robert came from Netherlands for a unique celebration of their 25 years weddings anniversary.

A stunning location, with a beautiful decor inspired on the Portuguese and Netherlands tradition of tiles.

The day of full of emotion and love enchanted by Portuguese Fado and with a special memory from 25 years ago.

This day was all about what pure love really is!

“Sounds of Enchantment”

Destination Wedding - Sintra

Some places are enchanted!

Some stories are embraced by a special love and by sounds that only heart can hear.

This is one of tose love stories. These is one of those places!

These is the story of Katie and Henry that flew from USA to be embraced by “Sounds of Enchantment”

“Kiss, Drink, Dance, repeat”

Joana & Diogo choose a beautiful natural scenario to celebrate their passion.

KISS represents their love story and all the passion and complicity

DRINK because wine is one their passion

DANCE From day one they wanted to have fun, dance all night,

REPEAT because they wanted the day not to end.

This was how Kiss, Drink, Dance Repeat Concept was born.

“Race Me to The Love Line”

Love has no place and no time!

The setting of this concept could not be more irreverent: a kart racing track. Mixing all the passions of this fantastic couple, this concept was based on a celebration of a Love Story that was set to be enjoyed at the FInal Line.

A kart racing driver, a passion for Disney and a challenge to transform the cold asphalt on a romantic dinner setting.

Sónia and Nuno lived their dream just as it is supposed to be: in a place they love, in a funny and irreverent way. Just as their passion is!

“32,40,16,45 - 39,21,37,9,9,24 Meet Me At The River Side”

Carla is from Madeira, Pedro is from Óbidos. They met in Lisbon, fell in love and Pedro propose to Carla at Tagus River side.

The same city, the same River,, the same exact spot was the place of this beautiful celebration that started in a stunning church, and continued sailing in the Sea to end in the proposal spot.

Tagus River was the scenario that received all the guests that came to meet this Love Story by the River Side.

“Book of love”

These concept is more than a set of images or words, it is a book about a special love about a dedication, an eternal love book. A unique way to give life in a celebration of a passion so unique and so detached and that time has taught me to admire.

Time is perhaps the most important word when I think about João and Rita and in the feelings this concept so nobly expounds.